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“Millions of Twilight fans out there just cannot wait to see this. It’s almost heartbreaking because they don’t want it to be over. It’s a little bittersweet, isn’t it?” (x)
You don’t say. I’ve been sick the whole week and now I should magically come up with loads of schoolwork. And I should clean up. Asadsf.

DO NOT WANT. Let’s move to Siberia.


The Walking Dead

So much to do. So little motivation.

  • DJ Asai: I heard Ruki-san lately talked a lot in his sleep, and moved a lot too.
  • Ruki: That's right. I've had it since a long time ago, but lately in particular, I noticed it myself.
  • DJ: You're woken up by your own sleep-talking?
  • Ruki: Hmm, like when I said, "You know~" I'd woke up immediately. Right? *looks at Aoi*
  • Aoi: Yes.
  • Ruki: He (Aoi) would ask, "Were you saying something?" As expected I seemed to be saying something.
  • Aoi: Also, there are occasions when he would suddenly laugh in his sleep. Like, "Ahaha!" And I'd go, "Eh?!"
  • Ruki: *laughs*
  • DJ Asai: Like you'll think that he's trying to talk with you, but when you turn around, he's sleeping.
  • Aoi: He'll be sleeping.
  • DJ Asai: Ah, it's good that he seems to be happy (in his sleep), right?
  • Ruki: Yes.
  • DJ Asai: Do you remember what kinds of dream did you have?
  • Ruki: But you see, there are a lot of unnecessary dreams.
  • DJ Asai: How necessary it is that you'll be laughing? *laughs*
  • Ruki: *laughs* Well it seems that a cabbage will always appear (in my dream)!
  • Aoi & DJ Asai: *bursts out laughing*

OBAMAAA! I’m so happy.